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Corporate Entertainment & Workshops

Corporate Entertainment

We are proud to offer corporate performances including stand up, crowd work, and improv, as well as corporate comedy workshops. 


Ok, Dope has experience producing hundreds of stand up and improv shows as well as workshops and classes, making us the perfect choice to curate  your corporate or personal event. 


Stand Up

Ok dope is fortunate to be working with some of Canadians best comedians, some of which who have performed on (credits here). We are excited to work with you to book the perfect comedian for your event. 


We offer a spectrum of comedians from the best up and coming, to the most decorated headliners. 


Crowd Work

Nash park  and Alex forman perform a one of a kind stand up show with absolutely zero material prepear. This 100 percent improvised stand up comedy show involving audience participation, ensures a rowdy unforgettable evening that will never be repeated.

Improv Show

Enjoy a night of improvised comedy, with the best performers in Victoria. With 

Formats including long form, short form games, or heavy audience particapation scenes. 

Corporate Improv Workshops

We will show you how to use the power of improv to improve every facet of the workplace dynamic. Create deeper more trusting and fun interpersonal relationships. Improv is the art of going with flow in saying yes and. The tenance of improv lends itself  perfectly to the workplace envirobement. true selfs, being kids again just playing.


Not only are we improving your interpersonal relationships,  Improv  has been proven to boost creativity, problem solving, adaptability, flexibility, communication skills, team building, brainstorming and problem solving, and much more, while having the time of your life. That why starts ups and Fortune 500 companies alike are embracing play as part of their culture! 


We provide three different types of workshops to improv and expand your workplace culture.



Focus on improv games and excerviuse that build trust, and better interpersonal relationships.



Stuck on a problem need to get out of your head this workshop is perfect for getting out of your comfort zone and thinking out of the box, and getting those creative juices flowing.


This workshop is focused on relieving tension and creating tons of laughter, through games and exercise that will get loose and silly. 

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